Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But we add a fresh perspective...

From personal experience, I've definitely realized being young in the job market right now has definitely been tough when you're up against people who have had a decade of more experience than you. But being in the tough job market right now definitely tests the strength of personal character not only in the skills you DO bring to the table, but also that yes as cliche as it sounds, a fresh perspective to companies may be forgetting that is important to their business.

As companies adapt to the changing environment, so do young professionals as myself have to adapt. We're in that gray area of no longer being the college hire that you use that low expectation to their advantage and blow everyone's socks off and a veteran with years of experience. Rather, we're in that gray area having just enough experience to not make the cut of college hire programs yet not enough experience to qualify for some of the positions out there.

But as members of the Generation Y where we like things happen, and we want them to happen fast, its almost against our nature to deal with things such as the ambiguity of the job market. We immediately look to the safe confines of graduate school where we can at least buy off another 2-4 years from the gloom of the current recession. But, I think now is the time to really make things happen, because if they do, it is so much MORE rewarding. Putting more effort into the job search, and sucking up to the fact that I may no longer be working for one of the biggest companies in the world may have finally hit reality, but its definitely prepared me to look forward to the future that when I finally DO find the right fit, it would be so much more rewarding and might just change someone who might learn something from those who have paved the road before. :)